tfconnect named Best Event Services Recruitment Specialists 2019 by Corporate Vision Magazine

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We're delighted to announce that tfconnect has been named 'Best Event Services Recruitment Specialists' in Corporate Vision Magazine's 2019 Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards!

These awards allow CV magazine to reward hardworking firms from across the globe, recognising innovation and excellence in their sector, as well as their outstanding overall performance in this highly competitive market.

With the continuous movements in technology and social media, the recruitment sector is flourishing. 2018 showed a 10% increase in the UK alone, with the industry employing more than 115,000 people and the average value of permanent placements increasing by 6.4%. With such fierce competition worldwide, recruiters are adapting new strategies in this evolving industry.

Showcasing this year's awards, Steven Simpson, Awards Assistant Manager, commented on the success of the programme and its deserving winners: "Over the years we have seen many outstanding firms take part in the programme, and it is with pride that I share this year's winners with my readers. I hope all of my winners enjoy even greater success in the future; I will be watching your future endeavours with interest."

Commenting further, tfconnect's MD, Trevor Foley, said, "Our business is founded on 30 years direct experience in the events industry. We've worked with many of the world's leading events organisers, venues and suppliers over the years, providing the brightest talent to drive business growth. We're in the business of connecting the dots in the right way to ensure a cultural and chemistry fit that delivers sustainable success. It feels very special to have this endorsement and to be recognised in such a positive way by CV Magazine!"

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