EventProfs: How to Make 2020 the Year You Smash Your Goals


For many people in the events industry, the turn of the year is a time to reflect and make some decisions about their career; How was 2019? What do I want to achieve in 2020? What about 2021?

The sad reality is that once the spring events kick in many people lose track of what their goals were, and before they know it are halfway through the year trying to remember what they wanted to achieve before the festivities come around again...

So, what to do?

As ever the best results are built on the strongest foundations, and the first step is to be selfish. Block out at least a couple of hours just for you to focus fully on your ambitions.

To really get the best out of this visit an inspiring and open space, as it will encourage you to think big, and let your mind land on what is really important to you.

You will know what elements of your life are most important to you, but many of my clients find these headings a useful place to start:



Once you have taken some time to think about these topics, work through these questions to help you clarify how you can make your goals happen:

Step 1 - For each area of your life: 

  • What are you confident you'll accomplish in 2020 with a bit of effort?
  • What would be a challenging, but achievable goal if you work at it?
  • What target feels almost impossible, but would be incredible to pull off?

Step 2 - For each goal: 

  • What would achieving it give you that you don't have already?
  • What new habits do you need to adopt to be successful?

Step 3 - And finally, decide: 

  • How will you know if you've achieved the goal, and if you are on track at the end of each month to do so?
  • What support will you need from others to make it happen?

At this stage, I suggest putting the plan to one side for a day or two.

It will let your subconscious mind reflect on it, and help you refine the goals before making your final updates and committing to your 2020 plan!

Finally – a step that will make a huge difference to accomplishing these goals, is to share your plan; WhatsApp it to close friends and family, email it your team, book a coffee with your boss, and even your bosses-boss...

After all, if they don't know where you want to go, how can they help you get there?

Whilst some of my clients find this straight-forward to complete, it's worth noting that most need some support to both pinpoint the goals, or to work out how to stay on track as the year progresses. 

If that sounds like something that would help you, check out my Coaching and Consulting page on the tfconnect website and get in touch!