Events for Namuwongo Update


Events for Namuwongo (EFN) is a philanthropic network of Events Industry companies who support life-changing work with vulnerable children in the slum village of Namuwongo in Uganda.

Since it was founded in 2011, EFN has raised over £900,000 to enable the children of Namuwongo to experience a happy childhood by improving their access to education and healthcare, and empowering families to support themselves.

After 3 years of a generous funding programme, we have now reached a point where the Patron Scheme has run its course. In that time, the charity has made great strides towards transforming an impoverished Ugandan community and improving the quality of life for the people living there.

We recently held a meeting with EFN Board members and interested parties to discuss future plans for funding the charity which resulted in a unanimous view to continue to support the cause.

The creativity of ideas and spontaneous pledges to fund an EFN administration that came out of that gathering was simply amazing, and we are delighted to say that plans are underway for the next steps in funding and supporting not only our friends in Namuwongo, but also a home-based charity!

More details will be revealed soon!